Driven by the Gospel of the Kingdom and being in the agreement with The Lausanne Covenant we are inviting you to give us hand of help.

In direct partnership with Light for Living Worldwide Ministries.


Light for Living is a fellowship of God-called believers who have banded together
to carry out the Great Commission as stated in Matthew 28:19, 20. Founded in 1990, the ministry is continuing to grow with activities and branches reaching around the world.

Our leadership

Our Pastor, Oleg Gricyk, who planted our church in the year 2009, has a long-term vision to provide a Christian preschool and elementary school. In preparation for this goal, Pastor Oleg obtained a degree in Preschool education and was graduated with honors. Because the Lord has provided his education as well as contacts with the local government, we are seeing God at work making the Dream of educating students and their families become a reality.
Word from Pastor Oleg
„Being a Church Planter and Pastor in Prague, I understood that evangelistic outreach must be our main goal. I began to realize that in today’s Prague, personal witnessing is simply not enough to reach many people. The Gospel should be proclaimed daily and not just to church members, but to the World! That is why I felt God’s calling to undertake an education degree that eventually will allow us to start an elementary and secondary school. Previously, I never thought a Pastor would be required to complete that kind of education; however, now I understand to really see how God’s Kingdom can be extended, this had to be accomplished.“



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