Napsat česky

To reach our first goal we are looking for 300 people who will commit to donate $100 each month for 1 year period.
Ideally of course is to find 300 people who will be faithful in giving $100 for 3 years.

Any gift though is a blessing for us. That’s mean that if 1000 people will faithfully offer only $30 per month we will still reach our gospel dream.

Step 1.

During first year we are planning to raise enough money for buying suitable land in Prague. The needed budget is $350,000

Step 2.

During the second year we are planning to raise enough money for making a final building project and begin with construction. The needed budget is $400,000

Step 3.

During the third and fourth years we are planning to continue building up and finish it. The needed budget is $250,000
After the project will be done and school we be build up there will be no need in continuation of sponsorship. This evangelistic project while once done will continue on self supporting program. That is why such kind of investment will bring long term fruits. Once planted garden of fruit trees may feed many generations after.