Our leadership
Our pastor, Oleg Gricyk, who planted our church in the year 2009 had a long-term vision to start Christian preschool and elementary school. Moving toward his vision he graduated with honors in preschool pedagogy. This made him well-prepared to be better accepted in bureaucratic circles. 
Word from pastor Oleg
„Being a church planter and then a pastor in Prague I understood that evangelistic outreach should be our main goal. With deep regret I realized that in today’s Prague personal witness is simply not enough and that the Gospel should be proclaimed on a daily basis and not just to the church members, but to the world! That is why I feel God’s calling to undertake an education degree that will eventually allow us to start an elementary and secondary school. Previously I never thought that such thing will be required from a common pastor but now I see that if we really want to see how God’s Kingdom can be extended, this has to be done“.

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