A Gospel Dream Fulfilled Through the Christian Pre-School

help us achieve our Vision for God’s Kingdom

We are delighted to invite you to participate in our project – God’s Mission through Pre-school.

God has led our church to develop an evangelistic tool that will reach families every day and be fully self-supporting.
We are currently in the midst of a search for a new preschool place and location due to new regulatory requirements rendering our previous facility unusable. While we don’t request donations (though they would be greatly appreciated), we kindly seek assistance only during our initial year to acquire and operate the property. Subsequently, with anticipated government support, we aim to repay all borrowed funds.
Our experience
At the beginning of our church’s existence,  God put into our hearts the desire to reach our city through children’s ministry.  We started to pray. In the year 2013 we inaugurated a Christian preschool where children from all different religious backgrounds were welcomed. Our original idea was to develop an evangelistic tool that would work to reach families.  10 years later we are glad to announce that it indeed works!

Lord gave us unique possibilities in running a Christian preschool for more than 10 years.

  • We have monthly donations from the government for running the preschool so that we can easily cover all expenses.
  • We can be Christian preschools teaching children from non-believers families biblical truth as we want to.
  • We have long experience in doing this and have very positive feedback from secular families. 
Our goal
Our goal is to reach our generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We see that the most successful way to do this is through Christian education from a very young age.

We can influence with the gospel and raise a new generation of Czech people. Children from nonbelievers families will hear the gospel from the earliest age of their life. 

For the last 10 years, we have taught children stories from the Bible daily and prayed with them, showing the example of Christ’s followers. We also work with the international children’s mission, having a unique program with them once a week.


The purchase and construction of the facilities for the preschool will cost us 45 million Czech Crowns. We already have half the price through a bank loan and another half from the government program. The main problem is that the government program works ex-post. That is, they are willing to donate AFTER we made the purchase, did the reconstruction and got official approval and permission that the building we purchased is ready for use for the preschool.


We are in need of loans that will be repaid within one year. Your financial contribu6on, whether small or large, will be instrumental in geting our preschool off the ground.

Borrowing Options: You have the freedom to choose the amount to lend, whether it’s $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, or $40,000 for one year. Your temporary support will serve as a cornerstone in building our future.


We are commited to repaying the loans within the agreed-upon timeframe.
Our goal for completion of the building is Summer 2024.

By lending for one year, you are not just offering financial support; you are investing in our ministry’s sustainable future. We commit to returning your borrowed funds in full once we secure the government’s support. We understand that lending money is a significant decision, and we assure you that your investment will be used responsibly and transparently.

Mission to unreached
The vision of our church in Prague is not just to have a safe place where Christian parents can send their children but to create a high quality school where non-believers will want to send their children as well. 

New Preschool goals

We plan to have preschool for children aged two to four years old. We want to have two classes for 24 children. In total, each year, the preschool will have 48 children. 

That gives us a massive net of contacts. We influence their parents and close relatives. Twice a year, we have two main celebration days: Christmas and Ester. On those days, children prepare some programs, and parents and relatives come to see the schedule. Before children come out, we preach the gospel to adults. 

During the year, we provide different programs to parents.