A Gospel Dream Fulfilled Through a Christian School

help us achieve our Vision for God’s Kingdom

We are delighted to invite you to participate in our project – God’s Mission through Pre-school and Elementary Education.

God has led our church to develop an evangelistic tool that will reach families every day and be fully self-supporting.
The city of Prague has opened the doors for building and operating alternative preschool and primary schools.  The Czech government is supportive of Christian education.
Our experience
At the beginning of our church’s existence,  God put into our hearts the desire to reach our city through children’s ministry.  We started to pray. In the year 2013 we inaugurated a Baptist preschool where children from all different religious backgrounds were welcomed. Our original idea was to develop an evangelistic tool that would work to reach families.  Three years later we are glad to announce that it indeed works! 
From our experience in providing a Baptist preschool working mostly with non-believing families, we believe it is possible to use the same effective method for an elementary school. Nationals laws and the Prague community support Christian schools and preschools. New doors are opening because our pastor’s degree in pre-school education is recognized by the Czech government. 
Our church has the right qualifications, from the government’s point of view, to start a formal Christian preschool that will be partially supported by the government. This  will enable enrollment fees to be much more affordable for parents. The surprising fact is that, in the Czech Republic, receiving donations from the government does not mean that we are restricted in any sense. We can teach the Bible and pray with the kids as much as we like.
Our goal
Our goal is to reach our generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We see that the most successful way to do this is through Christian education from a very young age.


We are planning to raise enough money to buy suitable land in Prague.


We are planning to raise enough money to complete the design for the building project and begin with construction.


The plan is to continue the building phase to completion. 
Our goal for completion of the building is year 2022.

Mission to unreached
The vision of our church in Prague is not just to have a safe place where Christian parents can send their children but to create a high quality school where non-believers will want to send their children as well. 

Providing a Continuous Mission Opportunity to Large Numbers
Offering a Christian education provides an ongoing mission opportunity to reach large numbers of families in Prague. Please support us in prayer and financially in our a vision to build facilities to teach 100 pre-schoolers and an elementary school for 300 children. Having such a building will provide daily evangelistic outreach. Our mission field will be the children along with their parents and grandparents. Each year we will have at least 400 pupils, plus 800 parents and relatives to whom we can witness. This kind of evangelistic ministry will require outside financial support to purchase property and build the facilities after which will be self-supporting.

The Opportunity is Ours

Today doors are wide open. In Prague there is not enough capacity for all preschool children. Today our government is very supportive of our opening a new preschool. Please pray with us that we as a church will be able to enter these open doors and bring many to Him.